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Download Recordings of Piano Music by Patrick Byrne

Patrick Byrne Piano ~ Photo courtesy of John Hainstock Photography.

Piano Music for Your Wedding, Party or Special Event

Piano, PAtrick Byrne, wine bar, Bin 111

Hear Pat perform at Bin 111 in Hartland


This page is set up to allow computer users to download tracks of Patrick Byrne playing Wedding Piano Music.




Piano, wine Bar, music, wedding

Hear Pat play live July 26 at Vino etcetera in Oconomowoc


Mobile device users please click here to listen to these tracks or on this link to go directly to my SoundCloud page where you can listen to and download these same sets on any device.



Something Old, Something New…

A sampling of some of my more “contemporary” favorite pop piano songs played using my new portable keyboard. As you’ll hear, technology has come a long way since my Farfisa organ days in the basement. Some of these old songs still rock!

Of course, all of my recordings are done live without any post-recording tricks. What you hear is exactly what I sound like live when I play my stage piano and sound system.

The set will autoplay through the 9 tracks (Total Time: 18:54):

…Something Borrowed, Something Blue

If you prefer your Jazz played straight-up on a Steinway piano, “Something Borrowed, Something Blue” is for you. This set is strictly old-school Jazz songs from the great American Songbook. Historically they span the 1920s to the 1960s. Sometimes, old is GOOD.

Unfortunately, I don’t really have a Steinway but my new portable keyboard and sound system does an excellent job of copying the Steinway sound as well as that of other iconic pianos.

The set will autoplay through the 11 tracks (Total Time: 19:36):


Patrick Byrne, Piano, Mayfair Mall, Romantic, Wedding Music, Todd Hicks, TMJ 4
Hear Pat perform live on TMJ-4 TV


Popular Piano Music for Weddings

The third set of 13 tracks includes some of the songs that have been very popular at recent weddings and performances.

All were recorded “live” using a digital piano.

The set will auto-play through the 13 tracks (Total Time: 25:45):

Although I have an extensive song list of nearly 700 songs, I am always happy to work with you on special requests to make your Wedding or Special Event a truly unique experience.

Piano Music Wedding Classics

This fourth  set of nine tracks was also recorded in my home studio using a portable digital piano. It includes two classical selections that show off the capabilities of my portable digital keyboard. In addition to its excellent piano sound it also has the ability to sound like a pipe organ or a harpsichord. Depending on the over-all style that you want for your wedding, Classical music often makes for a classy addition to the music that you choose.


Click on the play button and set will autoplay through the 9 tracks (Total Time: 13:11):

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