My Philosophy of Teaching Piano Lessons

Play…Learn…Performis more than just a slogan.

It is at the heart of the Studio of Musical Arts, LLC. It also summarizes the philosophy of teaching piano lessons that has guided my career both as a musician and music educator.

My goal is to make my studio a unique place where students of all ages and abilities can reach their full potential as a piano player.


Playing piano should always be FUN! Making music is part of what makes each of us a complete human being. It is as natural as breathing. No matter when you begin your piano lessons — as a child or an adult — I will always try to make reaching your full musical potential a fun experience and a lasting source of enjoyment.


To me, one of the fun aspects of playing the piano has always been learning more about the music that I am performing: Who wrote it? What were/are they like? Where does the music come from? When was it written? How is it put together? etc.

I have gained a wealth of knowledge from trivia to in-depth analysis to share with my students about what they are learning to play.


Music is an essential form of human communication. There are times when you want to talk to yourself or play or sing alone when no one else is around. But even in prehistoric times, music has been a public art that has been used for communication and binding a community together.

At the Studio of Musical Arts, LLC a major emphasis is placed on learning to comfortably share your music with others.