Patrick Byrne can Provide Piano or Organ Music for Funerals, Memorial and Church Services in Wisconsin or Illinois

When you experience the loss of someone you love and you are invited to help plan the funeral or memorial, music should play an integral role in whatever arrangements you make.

Everyone loves music and for many people it was probably one of the most important parts of their lives.

It makes sense for you to be sure that music is also an important part of how they will be remembered.

Just as with family photos, hearing the music that the deceased really cared about can help their family and friends remember them in a very special way.

Such personal music can transform a Memorial,  Visitation or Funeral Service. Instead of a cold, impersonal  gathering with canned music, family and friends can experience some of the music that moved the deceased when they were young, getting married  or raising a family.

Here is an example of how carefully chosen music can help to enhance your memory of your loved one. At a Visitation service for a 73 year old woman I played the following song list of her favorite music selected after consulting with her family

  • “Annie’s Song”
  • “Be Not Afraid”
  • “Bridge Over Troubled Water”
  • “From a Distance”
  • “Hallelujah”
  • “Here I Am, Lord”
  • “Hello Again”
  • “Joy” in the style of George Winston
  • “Let it Be”
  • “Morning Has Broken”
  • “On Eagle’s Wings”
  • “The Rose”
  • “The Sounds of Silence”
  • “Take Me Home Country Roads”
  • “Sunshine on My Shoulders”
  • “The Wind Beneath my Wings”
  • “Try to Remember”
  • “Vincent”
  • “What a Wonderful World”

On this occasion, all of these cherished songs were played by me on a grand piano during the Visitation. For more traditional services or memorials, I can also play the pipe organ.

If you would like to have me to play the piano or organ for a Memorial, Visitation or Funeral Service, please call me at 262-893-1759 or send me an Email today. I am generally available on short notice but the sooner that you call me the better.

If you are fortunate enough to have the opportunity to work with your loved one in pre-planning their funeral celebration, I can also help with that. Email me with the details.